I’ve been working on my .NET skills recently and, as I tend to, practiced with a tool that would integrate with my music listening habits.

Selector is an agent that watches what you’re listening to on Spotify and reacts to changes by firing pluggable events. These include retrieving the current song’s characteristics and play count on This information is displayed on a dashboard that updates live.

dashboard example

The dashboard shows information from Spotify and

The app consists of a ASP.NET web app and a command line service that runs the listening agents. A Redis instance is used for cache and messaging between the nodes. Link to heading is a service that records what you listen to to give stats and recommendations, Spotify can be linked to record your listening history. Selector includes an integration to present play count data for the current track along with it’s album and artist on the dashboard.

Along with this, a background agent can be configured in the web UI’s settings to mirror your listening history to the local database in order to allow quicker, live statistics querying without constant network calls. This really adds to the data that can be presented live, has a decent API, but querying a user’s entire history takes a while and seriously reduces the depth of insights that can be presented in real-time, especially as this dataset grows with time. By storing a copy locally, the whole history can be queried quickly.

Get deeper insights into what you listen to, start here.